Volunteer to Harness
100,000 watts

For volunteer opportunities:  
[email protected] or [email protected]
Or dia: (713) 867-8943

Join the Nuestra Palabra Team! Change the world with art.

Join our Radio Crew, our live events, or our tv broadcasts.

The Nuestra Palabra Radio Show airs live Tuesdays 6p – 7p, on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston, Texas. You can tune into the livestream at www.kpft.org.Select past broadcasts are available at www.NuestraPalabra.org
Twitter: @NPAirwaves
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NuestraPalabra/

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Our goal is to help interns and volunteers become board operators, hosts, and producers.

Of course, Nuestra Palabra has several other components. We also need folks to help us with our live events and our video live broadcasts for social media and TV. Let us know if you are interested in:

Graphic Designer for flyers, memes, posters.
Graphic assistants for TV and internet broadcasts.
Interns for TV production. You will learn how to work with light and sound for television.
Old School: flyer distribution team, ushers, rides, and greeters
The essential radio crew consists of:
Board operator
Producer, Music Director

The radio crew arrives no later than 5:30 pm.
The live broadcast runs from 6p-7p cst.
Debrief is from 7p – 8p.
Some tasks can be conducted off site, but you must be able to attend certain meetings and broadcasts.

Note, you do not have to speak Spanish. Of course, it is very helpful if you are bilingual. However, most broadcasts are in English. Some segments are conducted in Spanish.

  1. Harness 100.000 watts or 100,000 people
    Harness 100.000 watts or 100,000 people
    Nuestra Palabra cultivates our Community's Cultural Capital from the kitchen table to city hall to the capitol.
  2. Add Your Title Here
    Add Your Title Here
    Nuestra Palabra shares the nation's highest level of art with the broadest array of our Community. We are blessed to be united.